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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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what parts of the contract with spanish construction company sentra do they object to. does it mean changes could be coming? david whisenant is in iredell county. >> this is the letter sent to the local leaders from the north carolina department of transportation secretary nick. and he wants a list of everything in that contract that local leaders do not like. and he also says those items will be considered. >> the toll project on i-77 in mecklenburg and iredell county has been a source for controversy for sometime now. >> we were hoping we would have the flexibility of being able to use the road without paying a toll. i will not drive a toll. >> and while recent developments seemed to lock in the project over the protest of many the dot wants to hear the concerns of local leaders. it asks for a list to be drawn up. it says the state will respond
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would be subject to negotiation between ncdot and i-77 mobility partners. much more on the story at 6:00 including what some local leaders and residents think about the let te and what it might -- letter and what it might really mean. on i-77, david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> police say a drunk driver caused a crash in west charlotte. wbtv first on the scene at tuckaseegee and little rock roads. the video our reporter took when he got there. police say the man was driving an s.u.v. and ran into a power pole causing the lights to fall and the driver was screaming at the time of his arrest. this is exclusive video of him being taken into custody. he was later take especially to the hospital with an injury to his mouth. and while crews worked that scene the fire department says someone broke into the personal vehicles of two employees and
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we'll tell you about the police investigation into those crimes. >> a possible name change stirring up controversy. there is a proposal to change the name to unc fayetteville since the school is part of the university of north carolina system. some are upset they believe it would take away from the school's historically black university roots. and the university of north carolina at greensboro voted to change the name of a building on campus. the acox auditorium will be renamed. weighs the 50th governor and considered one of the minds behind north carolina's white supremacy campaign from 1901-1905. >> a student staff or faculty member at this university to feel that they are less than. we understand that it is a building but it's more about the culture of the university. >> unc greensboro is not the
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others have removed his name from campus buildings. >> live to the alert center where alex giles. the body of justice antonin scalia lying in repose this afternoon? >> yes, and we have a live picture from the supreme court building in washington d.c. cnn reporting that hundreds of mourners including members of congress are going by to view the casket of antonin scalia. court will be opened until 8:00 p.m. all the supreme court justices had a private ceremony today and the president and the first lady visited the casket. the actual funeral services are scheduled for tomorrow. >> all right. alex giles live in the alert center, thank you. >> and you know we have been talking about warm temperatures. >> but it's not all good news. our first-alert weather team is tracking clouds and rain but i want to focus on the sun with the warmth.
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we will be in the 60s but not fully sunny this weekend by any stretch and some of you may not make it through rain free. but for the short-term temperatures in the upper 50s. 58 in charlotte. and outlying spots reached that 60 mark. tega cay 60. and 59 in weddington. 57 in cornelius. and 57 in belmont. mid-50s from statesville towards hickory and morganton and 46 in boone. it's comfortable. imagine how much nicer it will feel in the upper 60s for saturday and sunday. and the evening, if you are headed out, sundown a little after 6:00 p.m. we stay sunny through 5:00 p.m. with the temperatures in the mid-50s. upper 40s by 9:00 p.m. and not as cold tonight as the past couple of nights have been. we will talk about the cloudy pots and the outside chances for showers.
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forecast in a few minutes. >> nonstop flights from charlotte to nashville will begin this summer. southwest says the flights will begin august 7th and it will add one flight to denver, fort lauderdale and los angeles you can purchase tickets. >> troubles on the interstates, tonya rivens busy in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and, yeah, we have a lot of activity happening on the roads. that injury accident at 485 inner and elm lane johnston road is a great alternate route. but notice we have congestion in both directions. so it is an area to try to avoid if you know someone notice how the volume now all the way back to i-77 as far as the congestion in the area. and i mentioned i-77 we have accidents on i-77 northbound as well. so slow-moving traffic in both directions.
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back to you. >> thank you. the author of the beloved and best selling book to kill a mockingbird harper leigh passed away. lee divided her time between new york city and her hometown of monroeville, alabama which inspired the book's town. in 2007 president bush presented lee with the presidential medal of freedom and the world was stunned by the discovery of a second novel by lee titled go set a watch man. >> a lengthened required reading if you have not done it already. my 9th graders are doing it right now. >> i loved that book. >> a classic, no question. we have talked about the apartment boom in the south end. >> today we are talking about a boom on its way to the area
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your eye on development is next. >> the changing face of morehead street the part of the road that acts as a dividing line between uptown and south end and ely portillo joins us for his friday visit. a lot going on in that part of
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more people to live in that area. >> i counted the apartments at that time are finishing construction right now and there are 800 apartments that are open or will be open soon and almost that many that are about to start construction. if you figure two people per apartment it is an average you will have thousands 3,000 more people living in that corridor in the next few years. >> i do not want to drive in that, so they are thinking about this, too. >> one of the coolest things that is going on there is a strip of old builds at mint and morehead street and they have been bought by a canadian developer who is going to renovate them into restaurants with rooftop bars and views of the city and that will bring an element of walkability, new places to go eat and drink that has not been there before. >> the hot thing a lot of developers are thinking about. one project not moving forward not all perfect in the area?
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demand but still not everything is happening. that was one thing i learned there was going to be a tower called 1,000 south tryon. and 14 storeys office tower and that project has been canceled. not everything is going forward. even in one of the hottest areas of the city. >> and this road stretches a good distance and development closer to us on the west side of morehead and connecting the two communities. >> west morehead and east morehead are different and starting to grow together you are starting to see the industrial stuff on west morehead fill up and repurposed and demolish and replaced and east morehead you are starting to see dense development coming towards the west side. it's knitting together into one corridor. >> we scratched the surface and you have much more in sunday's >> and saturday on-line at
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>> good stuff from ely porti paul cameron 15 minutes away from the news at 5:00. parents and school leaders concerned about violence at a charlotte high school after a fight broke out involving a
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here are pictures. we have what is being done to keep your child safe and zika in north carolina what you need to know to protect your family. those stories ahead. let's get it back to brigida and jamie. sphoo things have been busy at carowinds. >> it is a cool alert. carowinds tweeted out pictures of the water park expansion effort had us thinking of summer here. and pull up the pictures they have now. the live bulldozers and everything that is getting in shape for what appears to be a cool effort there at carowinds this is carolina harbor, the largest water park expansion in carowinds history and the largest water park in the carolinas when the expansion is done and they have a lot of picks up there.
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probably not warm enough for a water park yet. >> we can dream. >> it will not belong. thank you. >> we are on your side with the top consumer headlines. twitter and facebook taking apple's side in the public battle with the f.b.i. the companies support apple's decision to defy a court order to break into the iphone of san bernadino shooter syed farook. it would set a chilling precedent. >> a study suggests more than a third of americans are not getting enough sleep. 400,000 people in 50 states and hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the seven hours or more of sleep each night. surprised it's not higher than that. >> i am guilty of that. to get seven consistently. >> sometimes on the weekend you can catchup but during the week, good luck. >> you have a busy life, family, work.
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traffic and cannot get home. >> and that could be the case. >> over to tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> that would be the ka is for a lot of people today. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a check of i-77 and tyvola road things are better now but earlier two accidents northbound and southbound and congestion remains. and sowd boulevard there -- south boulevard, there's congestion so park road is a better alternate route. and i-77 and 485 more volume. i-77 southbound that accident is at westinghouse boulevard. not too much congestion there but an accident dropping in at i-77 and carowinds. quite a bit of activity. and 485 notice the backup on 485 by steele creek and south tryon and arrowood. join me for sunday morning soul inspiration.
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in gospel music. 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. >> you can tell when it is a friday and the weather is nice. folks are trying to get home and not having success. >> this weekend the upper 60s. lyndsay tapases with a look at the forecast. >> by the end of the weekend the temperatures will be 10 warmer than today. 58 was the official high. 55 now outside the metro school in charlotte. don't see much cloud cover we can see the sun getting lower in the sky and the sun will be down at 8 minutes after 6:00 p.m. and radar is picking up on a little bit of cloud cover on the satellite towards the mountains. and the rest of us are clear in the short-term but we have cloudiness upstream that will be pushing in. so by the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning we are not going to see quite as much sun
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no issues during the evening. saturday this is 8:00 more of the cloud cover moves back in. there is a small outside shower chance for those of you in the mountains. do not think much is going to make its way outside of the mountains this model is trying to bring some into the piedmont and it is a little bit ambitious with that. our shower coverage will stay 10-20% higher as you head west of the city. just clouds more than anything else. but temperatures will still be above average. so do not think we will mind cloud cover. 55 in boone with that 20% shower chance. low 60s for places like taylorsville and lenoir. and charlotte 64. we have that wind coming out of the southwest at 10-miles-per-hour. again we will call it a 10% shower chance that something
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and also into the upstate counties mid-or upper 60s with a partly cloudy sky as well. and things turn more unsettled sunday night and early next week. long-range future-cast here. this is monday night. monday night into tuesday, we have rain moving in. and then after a brief break, a second batch comes in for wednesday night and into thursday. so bottom line enjoy the weekend about because we turn unsettled and eric thomas will have a look at the full seven-day first-alert forecast coming up for you at 5:00. >> thank you. next at 4:00 it is a story that might make you squirm. would you watch a loved one be cremated. it is a growing trend we will tell you why people are choosing to watch. >> hello to wade, facebook's fan of the day. appreciate you liking us on facebook and encourage everyone to do the same.
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hit the like button. first at 4:00 is back in a moment. >> announcer: closed captioning on wbtv news is sponsored by...
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q. it is not a fun topic to gauk but death affects us all. could you watch a cremation? uncomfortable.
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one woman who made that choice. >> the first time kit laid eyes on bob something told her that grin was not because the beer was cold. >> i was working as a bartender. he come in for a beer after work with some of his friends. and after that we stayed together 17 years. >> but in may, bob was diagnosed with lung, brain and bone cancer. >> bob kept begging me the whole time he was sick do not leave me. >> until the end. >> bob's birthday party. >> when the curtain came up separating her from bob's casket she was there on the conveyor belt start and the box go into the cremation tank. and after that there was not much to see that was not the point. the point was to have one last moment where it was just the two of them.
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done with dignity. especially after all of everything. and you have time to just sit there and you know, think. everyone had been in from out of town so this was so quiet and you could sit there and you could go over things you know, that happened in the years gone by. >> on the surface watching a cremation well it sounds creepy but across the country directors are accommodating the popular request with observation rooms. >> most of the time, well, i will go and take a peek first and then they will say this is not bad at all. >> some families heard horror stories about the dead getting mixed up. this helps ease fears. >> we have a viewing window and it looks right out into the cremation area. a lot of times we will bring the body to the window and they will
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we have an automatic loader that loads the body into the refor the. >> and that is all the confirmation most sneed but others stay for the full process until the ashes are ready to be received. kristen miranda wbtv on your side. >> sometimes an assumption that bodies are placed into the chamber but there are options including using a casket. >> a virus known to cause birth defects infected a person in north carolina. tonight we have what you need to know about the zika virus. >> and we are hearing from a woman who survived after being trapped in floodwaters for four years and what gave her the
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at 5:00. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> right now despite breaks out of a dozen students the a charlotte high school and officials say they are fed up with all the violence. tonight we are live with details and what is being done to keep your child safe. >> and the sun is shining but a storm system could dump rain on your neighborhood. our chief meterologist, eric thomas on your side with what we can expect. >> first, zika in north carolina. health officials confirm a case
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we are on your side with what you need to know right now. more than 80 cases of the zika virus have been reported across the u.s. the latest right here in north carolina. nice to have you with us i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. north carolina joins a long list of at least 22 other states with reported travel-associateed zika virus cases. >> the virus is known to cause birth defects. this is the first case of zika in the carolinas. wbtv's pamela escobar spoke with health officials today. and she is live with more. pamela, do we know how this patient contracted the virus? >> yeah, maureen public health officials are saying the person who got the zika virus got it while they were traveling. they are not revealing a ton of information about this person but what we know is that they went to the doctor and the doctor suspect to do could be the virus and made sure the proper testing was done. the zika virus is affecting
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the virus can cause birth defects so women who are pregnant are encouraged to speak to their doctor before traveling to south america, central america or the carribbean. the person who had zika virus in north carolina traveled to one of those areas. >> we do not have a concern that this one person would cause zika to be spread in north carolina. even if we have a few of the competent mosquitoes you need to have a concentration of people and mosquitoes to sustain transmission. >> the doctor says how we live is different from the parts of the world that have more cases of zika virus. >> we live in homes with screens and doors that block out mosquitoes. and so far the zika virus cases in the united states have not been transmitted by stateside mosquitoes. however those mosquitoes are here. >> it is present in some parts


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